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Explanation for recent downtime and the importance of updating

12/06/2012 13:30

Some of our customers will have noticed some downtime to their hosting services lately, for which we first would like to apologise.

The issues were caused by some client websites running out-of-date Wordpress installations, which were then hacked and malicious code inserted. This then caused a variety of issues on those websites being used for phising attempts to obtain bank details for a US Bank. In co-opertation with the affected clients, we have taken action and everything is running as normal again.

The situation while regretable serves as a useful reminder that if you are running and software ofor your website, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla (but not exclusively those), then it is vital to keep you website updated with the latest software patches. All such software regularly release security updates which will plug any gaps that are discovered over time.

Our top tips for staying secure


  1. Regularly install updates for all software on your website. Most software will enable you to be notified of any updates as they become available
  2. Use secure passwords that contain a mix of characters - do not use normal words, family members, pets, places you have lived or special dates
  3. Do not write down passwords
  4. Regularly change passwords


The above steps will help to keep your website secure and free from hackers.

Many apolgies once again and many thanks for your continued support.

Warm wishes,
Dan Knowlson and the Lightbeing Creations team

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